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Development Update #15

Posted on August 30, 2016 by Kelso


We still need your vote to get through Steam Greenlight!


I’ve been doing our last big balance push before we focus entirely on content for awhile. We decided to remove the last bits of our old micro system where players had to press spacebar to toggle back and forth and each unit executed their micro commands simultaneously. Now the player just has to click and drag on a selected unit to move them individually. We also decided to increase cover providing prop density and increase the number of individual cover points on each prop and the amount of cover each point provides. Our goal is to push the cover mechanic much further than it has been in previous builds. We also implemented a directional move system which greatly helps units find cover intelligently and will work really well with larger units and vehicles later on.

All-in-all things are shaping up really nicely and I’m very excited about the state of the game. We’ve got a few more systems to put in place but the vision we laid out years ago is quickly becoming a reality.


So it has been a bit since we last updated everyone. Amongst other odds and ends I have been working on concepts for our next set of new units. We wanted to get breaching units in now because taking and controlling buildings is such an important (kind of THE important) part of our game. These units specialize at close combat and area of effect attacks.

That being said, this is the Ruhk for the Children of the Ancients.

The Ruhk has a charge ability to get him into combat quickly and to somewhat balance out his lack of a ranged attack. He attacks with a sweeping/cleave style punch, which will hit units in a 180 degree semi-circle in front of him. His active use ability is a point blank area of effect stun, which in combination with his charge could set his squad up to do some major damage before the enemy can respond (although with high cost in the squad loadout this avoids going into ridonculous territory).

The design for this unit was really all about the weapon. I knew that had to be the focus and to a large degree the clothing is simplified for this reason…and because having long, flowy robes would be a health hazard when swinging massive fisty-things around. At minimum one risks disrobing oneself with a slight tangle. Perhaps a study of the combat effectiveness/distraction potential of sudden tangle related nudity should be commissioned…


Since Todd has shown you the first of the new set of units, I will show you where those units come from:

The workshop! This Laperian business can be commandeered by the Laperian forces, or seized by the Children of the Ancients to assist in the creation of more technologically sophisticated units.

Having access to the breaching units will make further building capture a less harrowing endeavor.

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