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Development Update #16

Posted on September 14, 2016 by Kelso


We’ve been greenlit!

A million thanks to everyone that voted for us throughout our campaign. We’ve been working on Fractured State for more than four years so to finally have it be on the cusp of release feels absolutely fantastic. We’ve got some things planned leading up to our Early Access launch so be on the look out. We’re planning on doing some live streams and doing an early look release of our Map Editor so that content creators can start working on custom maps.


Last time I showed the concepts for the Children of the Ancients breach unit. This week we have the Laperian Flamethrower on display. His weapon is pretty straight forward- large gouts of fire in his enemies’ faces…and probably every other part of them. His weapon draws Laperium (essentially highly volatile gasoline) from the container on his back and ignites it/pressurizes it to create a sort of rocket engine. Which he then holds and aims at his enemies…Laperia is not concerned with workplace safety one could say.

Speaking of which- when the Flamethrower dies there is a chance he will explode (the exact % we will have to balance out), causing damage to any unit close enough to be caught in the explosion, friend or foe.

His active use ability is a combination of Molotov cocktail and smokescreen. The canister he throws will create a zone on the ground that will damage enemies that stand in it, as well as creating a large plume of smoke to cut off line of sight. This potentially allows the Flamethrower to engage more easily, but also will allow him to play a role in avoiding fights if necessary. For example if you need to bypass a road or alley, the Flamethrower could toss his canister at the entrance and block (some or all depending on size) line of sight and therefore prevent any attacks at all from hitting his squad. If they move fast enough.

This was one of my favorite units to design so far. The mental images I had of the weapon in action amused me…I may have a dark sense of humor.


Since Todd has shown you the first of the new set of units, I will show you where those units come from:

The workshop! This Laperian business can be commandeered by the Laperian forces, or seized by the Children of the Ancients to assist in the creation of more technologically sophisticated units.

Having access to the breaching units will make further building capture a less harrowing endeavor.

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