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Development Update #17

Posted on September 28, 2016 by Kelso


I’m super excited to formally announce that we’ve got a new hire! We brought on George Exley to provide voice overs for our units! George has a long pedigree of excellent voice work in the RTS realm and we’re already thrilled with the work he’s been doing. Check out some of his past work:

Other than that I’ve spent a lot of time on administrative tasks and getting George up to speed but I have started to ramp back up on programming tasks. I’ve been adding some features to the Map Editor and working on getting the AI into a more playable state by having them actually try to defend territories that they own instead of just attacking you like an overly caffeinated orangutan.


Texturing buildings can be incredibly zen sometimes, or at least texturing certain parts. For the Workshop the roof and interior floor were both very enjoyable textures to make…less so other parts. Both of the units I showed concepts for recently (Ruhk and Flamethrower) are linked to the Workshop. The flamerthrower needs to maintain his gear, especially that incredibly volatile tank on his back, and the Ruhk presumably gathers up materials to pad the inside of the honking huge fists.

I also started converting over some of our particle effects to alpha particles (previously they were all additive…I may be new to all this still, and therefore make silly mistakes). The smoke here being a first pass.


Similar to the warrens models, we will have other non enterable buildings that serve as not only environmental pieces, but ways to block and shape map flow. Create and shape alleys, build residential areas with the set of row homes!

Made in chunks of different sizes and shapes, they are able to fit in a variety of places or meet any number of map uses!

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