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Development Update #18

Posted on October 12, 2016 by Kelso


I jumped back into programming tasks by knocking out some small bugs and fixes for the Map Editor. There’s a little bit more clean up to do to prep it for a standalone release ahead of our full Early Access release but so far things are looking pretty good and I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of maps people make!

In terms of game stuff I finally got around to implementing tooltips for squad and unit abilities. For some reason this was just one of those things that fell through the cracks forever.

Some abilities have restrictions on when you can use them. For example, the Find Firepoint ability requires that the entire squad be inside a structure. The button is disabled if the squad or unit doesn’t meet the requirements for a given ability but now we also convey that to the player in the tooltip.

These still need some additional styling and design work which we’ll roll out in a later release, but we definitely wanted to have them in for our initial launch so that people know what the heck the abilities actually do!


The Ruhk is done. We creep ever closer to rolling out the two new units and getting ourselves launched on Steam officially. I am going to start off with the unit Icon for the Ruhk…just because I like it.

Sadly it will be much smaller in the game. Speaking of smaller things- the icon for his ability! Segues!

And lastly some screenshots of the textured unit in game/posed. The dynamic pose is the start frame for his charge (general gap closer that triggers automatically). The first screenshot is the normal zoom in game, but I wanted to also show the unit a bit closer also.


This week we are doing a heavy feature of the Children of the Ancients unit, the Ruhk. The one thing I really like about modeling these units is that the equipment, their relics, are always interesting pieces to make.

Not only that, the personality of the unit itself almost boils down to their relic. Their silhouette is almost entirely their relic.

Here is the Ruhk, with his relics. The Children of the Ancients are not the owners of these relics. They unearth and repurpose these powerful tools as weapons. What was once no more than a household tool or workhorse of industry has its original purpose perverted to fit the ends of The Children. So that is always a cool thing to have in the back of my head while I try to bring these tiny digital men to life.

Which brings me to actually modeling these things. Sometimes i get blocked on the shape of a thing. Or atleast how to create the shape of the thing. There are many different ways to create models, and none of them are wrong, per se. Some might be quicker, or more efficient- but it all comes down to what is more comfortable for you. Then there is refining and optimization. Which has a right and a wrong way. But this isn’t about that.

If you find yourself having trouble getting your head around a model, you can always try to tackle creating it from another direction. What I’m poking at during this particular blog post is that a lot of people make a box. Then they make a box into a shape resembling the thing they want. Then they make it look more and more like the thing they want. And that is fine. But I took a different route.

I made each individual piece of the relic – the interior mechanism, the exterior plating, and a few other smaller bits and then later combined them into a working object.

I started with just a flat outline of a piece, and built from there. I further refined that piece and made others in the same way until they fit together the way I wanted them to.
You can see the way it evolved here:

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