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Development Update #19

Posted on October 27, 2016 by Kelso


I continue to whittle down our Early Access Checklist of Things To Do (EACTTD™). This generally comes down to small bug fixes, improvements, and feature adds. I removed the ability for particle effects to contribute to a unit’s housecolor outline; while technically not a bug it basically looked like butt and had to go. We also still plan to release the Map Editor as a standalone download so I did some work on de-coupling it from the main game’s data loading process so that it’s smart enough to load the information it needs without the full game being present.

I also finished up the last missing piece of functionality for the multiplayer game browser. It now shows more detailed information about each available game and that information will update automatically as the host changes settings in their lobby. This actually wasn’t possible due to a bug in the version of the Unity engine we were planning on launching under but some other issues presented themselves which pushed us to upgrade sooner than we anticipated.

Currently I’m working on improving error handling and reporting for issues that could arise while ingame; the simulation should continue despite an error being encountered and the user will get an informational message along with options on reporting the issue to us and providing general feedback.


I have various sundry Flamethrower goods to show this week. Up first is the unit icon, oversized compared to the in game version as is the tradition.

Up next is his active ability, which is sort a hyper volatile molotov cocktail. It will do some burn damage to units that sit in it…so thats a bad idea, and it also creates a smoke screen.

The in game effect:

Next up is his regular attack…forgive the t-posed unit. I work with what I got.

And now the model itself.



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