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Development Update #8

Posted on March 22, 2016 by Kelso


I was travelling last week so I didn’t get anything development-related done.

We decided to upgrade the networking architecture of Fractured State to leverage the new Unity Networking API (UNet for short). Doing this will not only improve the quality of our code but will also allow us to implement new features like LAN game browsing and discovery and host migration that simply wouldn’t be possible using the older Master Server/NAT Punchthrough solutions; and we can provide all of these things without hosting the servers ourselves. It’s going to be a ton of work to refactor the existing code but the project will be in a much better state when we come out on the other end. We looked into switching to UNet when it was first introduced but found some troubling bugs and decided to let it bake a bit more before having another look. So far – and it’s fairly early – everything has gone well so my hope is that the migration goes smoothly. In the coming weeks I’ll go into more detail about some specifics. Stay tuned!


Another week and more PBR conversion. The factory is up this week, along with probably my favorite overhaul so far (and I doubt it will be usurped)- the monument! My excitement is probably a bit out of proportion… In the background of the second factory image you might notice props that have been overhauled, I will try to get a comparison together for those in next week’s update.


This past week I have been making the model for the Laperian support unit, the Surgeon. The surgeon itself has very little in terms of geometry, but his usefulness comes from his two instruments, the medical bag and his 3 shot pistol. Which is totally a hand cannon. And Awesome.

Most of the character’s visual intrigue will come from his texture and animation, which are later stages of the model. So for now, I am just focusing on making sure the size and shape of the model are right, and making sure he has the right polygons in the right places so that his mesh deforms correctly for animation.

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