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New Version Available and a General Update

Posted on June 18, 2018 by Kelso

You may have noticed that this release is about a month late. Hopefully you did. Maybe you secretly pined away for new content the entire month of May only to be met with silence. I humbly apologize for that silence and give you…..the changelist!

  • Improved general performance and memory consumption by eliminating some resource loading
  • Did a huge pass on the UI to provide event-driven flyouts and better information in the unit tooltips
  • Added the ability for a player to surrender at match end instead of waiting for their 60 second elimination timer to run out
  • Improved unit pathfinding performance
  • A squad’s cumulative speed is now displayed in the recruit panel before the squad is queued
  • Added the Conservatory and Sanctuary buildings (finally!)
  • Updated the map Diametric (still WIP)
  • Added a bunch of Rowhomes
  • Added real decals
  • Fixed a bug where AI controlled units wouldn’t attack player units when they entered a building they were currently occupying

This release marks the end of the 0.3.x cycle. We’ve got some great content planned in the next few releases including two new units coming up in v0.4.0. You can always keep abreast of our development by checking out our Trello board here.

Lastly, we’d like to acknowledge that we’ve agreed to mutually terminate our publishing agreement with GPAC Games. The unfortunate fact is that the relationship didn’t work out as either one of us had hoped but we can definitively say that the parting was amicable. We wish John and company all the luck in the world on their future endeavors, whatever they might be. We’ve also got some plans for providing more content between releases that we’ll talk about in the near future, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget if you haven’t purchased Fractured State yet you can grab it on Steam here!

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