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Next Update Delayed

Posted on August 24, 2017 by Kelso

We had originally planned on having the next update out this week but we’ve unfortunately run into some issues with the services that we use for multiplayer. In order to remedy this (hopefully for good) we decided to move to a different service provider which requires some changes to our networking code. Making those changes has eaten into time that would have been spent finalizing and testing the next release.

Much of this has arisen from the fact that we’ve upgraded the version of the Unity engine that Fractured State runs on continuously throughout development. Currently we’re running on the latest version (2017.1). This will be the final time that we update the engine as part of FS development. We’ve spent a large amount of resources on back-tracking to things we’ve already completed in order to make them compliant with engine upgrades and this is, simply put, time better spent on doing other things.

Once this next update is in the wild we’ll be white boxing the entirety of the remaining unit roster in the hopes that we can more rapidly develop each one. This also means that we’ll enter a period of more rapid improvements to the core gameplay which, if all goes according to plan, means that we’ll release updates more often.

Stay tuned! Apologies for the delay and thanks again for your continued support in bringing Laperia to life!

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