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Posted on May 24, 2017 by Aldurath

So it has been a while since I posted, this is largely due to reworking the UI, but I also moved across the country and got married…small things. This time around I thought I would do sort of a basic rundown of how I texture while showing you the Sanctuary (the first of the next two unit specific buildings, and the first buildings that function differently per faction).

The first step for me is blocking in colors. This lets me get a sense for what the finished asset might look like barring large changes, but it also lets me locate everything on the texture sheet…which is sometimes difficult.

From there I tend to complete the texture section by section. Trying to work across the entire texture at once might be better for getting colors correct the first time through but it involves jumping through a massive number of layers (this one texture alone probably had over 300, maybe that is just me being overly regimented).

One of my main focuses when texturing is creating the illusion of extra polygons/3d dimensional space in the model. Hopefully you can see what I mean in the path and path edge below compared to the first image.

And then I complete the owl…I mean finish the texture. After all the sections are done I tend to go back and re-evaluate any colors that feel lackluster. For this model I didn’t have to do very much of it.

Another aspect of maximizing depth in most of what I texture is adding gradients that make vertical planes darker at the bottom than at the top. This tends to trick the eye into reading those darker planes as further away. It needs to be subtle though, otherwise it can look a bit ridiculous.

And lastly one quick image giving you a general sense of scale. This is probably the most divergent building we have designed yet. Primarily because it is the first building to be specifically designed around the Children of the Ancients themes. The trick is making sure I don’t go too far from the general feel of the world/culture we they come out of.


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