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Version 0.3.20180412 Now Available

Posted on April 17, 2018 by Kelso

New Features and Enhancements

  • New Decal module in Map Editor
  • New indicators when micro’ing units into cover and firepoints
  • Win and Loss music tracks now play when a match ends
  • Maps now have preview images in the Lobby
  • Game settings can now be changed while a match is in progress (press Escape and select Options from the menu)
  • Ruhks now grunt when they perform a leap attack
  • Players can now select a Team in the Lobby to form alliances (allied players share line of sight and victory conditions)
  • The capture meter on buildings has an updated look and feel


  • Fixed some issues with map saving in the Map Editor
  • Tactical View is now back and can be toggled with Tab (default key bind)
  • Fixed a bug where units would attack-move when told to enter a building even though the player didn’t issue an attack-move order

Other Notes

  • Rats Nest has been temporarily removed

If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet click here to get it on Steam!

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