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Version 0.4.0 Out Now

Posted on August 16, 2018 by Kelso

We’ve just published version 0.4.0! Here are the changes:

  • Added a new Laperian unit – the Checkpoint
  • Added a new CotA unit – the Shrine
  • Improved the visual effects for just about every weapon in the game
  • Added ragdolls for units that were missing them
  • Changed the ‘Back’ button in the lobby screen to say ‘Leave’ instead so it’s clear what it actually does
  • Changed default volume settings when creating a new player profile
  • Increased the range from which Surgeons can heal other units to prevent an issue with them not being able to get to their targets in some cases
  • Screen notifications for squads engaged in combat should now appear again when those squads are not in view
  • Improved unit movement so units step on each other less often and generally space themselves out more reasonably
  • Fixed a UI bug where event panels didn’t come into the screen in the right position
  • Fixed a UI bug where world space unit skill buttons would block overlapping buttons when they were on cooldown
  • Fixed a bug where projectile weapons weren’t dealing damage when the attacker was on a fire point
  • Fixed an animation bug on the Sharpshooter when he is deployed
  • Fixed a bug where pressing F12 did not save screenshots
  • Fixed a bug where units with custom idle state behavior did not execute that custom logic when they became idle after being micro-moved

If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet click here to get it on Steam!

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