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Version 0.4.1 Out Now

Posted on September 27, 2018 by Kelso

We’ve just published version 0.4.1! Here are the changes:

  • Added a post match stats screen and some basic stat tracking
  • The Checkpoint Deploy ability now lets the player set the facing of the checkpoint
  • The Checkpoint now takes 50% damage when attacked from the front
  • The Shrine and Checkpoint now require a Barracks and a Factory before they can be recruited
  • Capturing a Conservatory now applies a +5% accuracy bonus to all weapons. This stacks with each Conservatory you capture
  • Capturing a Bank now applies a +5% movement speed bonus to all units. This stacks with each Bank you capture
  • Capturing a Sanctuary now applies a 10% reduction to all unit ability cooldowns. This stacks with each Sanctuary you capture
  • The Fanatic’s Astral Explosion ability now uses the correct ground indicator
  • All CotA abilities that have location based casting use a blue indicator line instead of a brown one

If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet click here to get it on Steam!

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