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Version 0.4.2 Out Now

Posted on November 14, 2018 by Kelso

We’ve just published version 0.4.2! Here are the changes:

  • Updated many sound effects and added a bunch of missing ones
  • Added the ability to combine depleted squads: When the currently selected units have 10 or less total unit population cost a button will appear that allows the player to combine them into a single squad and reduce their used squad population
  • Ragdolls now have varied screams instead of just using a single one over and over
  • The Fanatic now has a passive ability that grants all of his squad mates a 25% rate of fire bonus
  • Fixed a bug in the post game screen where faction ambient music would play instead of the appropriate win/loss music
  • Fixed a bug where the effect that plays when capturing a territory would cause the current music track to reset instead of continuing from its current time
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on an edge notification button would sometimes not dismiss that notification
  • Fixed a bug where units that grant squad wide passive abilities would not remove those abilities from their squad mates when they died
  • Fixed a bug where quitting a match and then completing another one would result in duplicate rows in the stat table in the post game screen

If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet click here to get it on Steam!

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