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Version 0.4.3 Out Now

Posted on February 4, 2019 by Kelso

We’ve just published version 0.4.3! Here are the changes:

  • The lobby chat now informs everyone when a player updates one of their settings
  • The helper text on buildings now displays information about passive bonuses that building applies
  • Conscripts and Knights now have a new ability called Suppression. This ability allows those units to attack building firepoints while outside. They will randomly switch between visible firepoints and have a chance to deal damage to units occupying those points
  • Props in the Map Editor are now broken out into categories to make them easier to navigate
  • When a player is defeated in multiplayer that player now flips to “spectator mode” and can see all remaining units
  • Added a button to the building helper menu that allows players to release ownership of a structure, making it neutral and able to be captured by another player
  • Fixed a desync issue caused by units entering structures in multiplayer matches with high latency
  • Added remaining stats to the post-match stat screen
  • Spectators now get music during the match
  • The Transport now has more realistic steering
  • Knights and Conscripts now take 3 seconds to recruit up from 2 seconds
  • Fixed a bug where killed units would remain in enemy line of sight calculations forever, which caused targeting issues in some instances
  • Fixed a bug where players could not host LAN games
  • Fixed a bug where drag selecting would not work correctly if the player started their drag on a world recruit button
  • Fixed a bug where the Shrine could cause sync issues in multiplayer when recalling its Votaries

If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet click here to get it on Steam!

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