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She asked for a clarification because, earlier today, the delegation had reported that education in the country was free for all. She also wanted to know what measures were being taken to improve the situation of domestic servants, and asked if the country’s new labour code had already been adopted, or was still under consideration. Ms. GABR, expert from Egypt, agreed with the importance of education in the Government’s efforts to improve the situation of women.

  • The brilliance of Romani music and dance did not go unnoticed.
  • Regarding reservations, he said that in Morocco, as in all Muslim countries, there was a need to reconcile obligations under international law and the Islamic Shariah, which was part of the country’s Constitution.
  • At the high school level, some 66.5 per cent of adolescents aged 12 to 14 were registered.
  • She went on to describe the national gender equality machinery, adding that to complement the efforts of the national committee on women’s matters, a plan had been set to create regional committees, as well.

The spread of Enlightenment ideas concerning the “rights of man” and the impact of the Great French Revolution worked against the older hostility to Roma. For example, well into the nineteenth century, Roma were enserfed in parts of the Habsburg Empire and enslaved in Wallachia and Moldavia (present-day Romania). Several of these stereotypes clearly derive from the nomadism of Roma. Staying together in their famous caravans, Europeans came to equate them with vagabonds.

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Education was also an important tool in overcoming traditional stereotypes. The national education programme, which had been initiated in 1994, adopted an integrated approach towards gender equality. A ministerial commission under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister formulated the national strategy to incorporate women in the country’s development, he continued. The representation of women in the Advisory Council for Human Rights had significantly improved, and now eight out of its 41 members were women. One of the working groups within the Council handled issues on family and the condition of women.

Relatives, officials and other spectators made up the audience for the free shows. “We are all now facing very tough moments in our lifetimes, because of the pandemic.

She used to get dressed in traditional and colourful long skirts at first. When she moved to another TV channel, Moldovan started wearing short skirts. A traditional Roma man attacked her, saying she wasn’t a ‘true gypsy’. Their name, Giuvlipen, combines the Romani words for woman, giuvli, and the suffix ipen, which stands for crowd. It’s the closest Romani language gets to feminism, says actress Mihaela Drăgan, one of the founders of the theatre and a graduate in Romani language studies.

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Do not hate the poor for being poor, do not hate the weak for being weak. Exercise empathy, share the strength you so fortunately possess. Special thanks to the many generations of Erasmus students that have come to Cluj-Napoca and have done just that. At the opposite end of the spectrum, those very knowledgeable and sympathetic shook me to my core.

The strong family ties mean that they will also have to consider what their relatives think about you. A Romanian lady will be even more attached to you if her family likes you. Tourists find the country attractive because of its mountains and enticing landscapes.

Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of The Traditions of Invention by Alex Drace-francis. Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items. Attraction to Roma mixed with the older suspicion and hostility in explosive ways. It is particularly visible in Georges Bizet’s famous opera, Carmen. First performed in Paris in 1875, it tells the story of a Spanish soldier Don José, who falls in love with the fiery Carmen, a dazzling Romani dancer.

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Similar programs can be adopted to Romania where the educational system provides very little support for students’ STEM preparation at the elementary level and STEM-focused programs are needed. The majority of drawings represented male scientists, and only about a quarter represented a female scientist. Male students drew predominantly male scientists; only one male student drew a female scientist. Among the female students, about half of them drew female scientists, and the other half drew male scientists.

They had certain constraints in assuming jobs that required extensive travel. MERIEM BELMIHOUB-ZERDANI, expert from Algeria, welcomed the results achieved in the Moroccan Parliament elections under special quotas introduced by the Government. The number provided by the country women in Parliament — was a major victory for all Muslim women. The country must give some thought to introducing representation quotas in other areas of public life, as well. Regarding the amendments and the Shariah, he said that, as the country advanced, the law on nationality and children would be adopted.