The Laperian Empire is in turmoil

As the Children of the Ancients sweep through the mining operations of the Northern Provinces, destroying all in their path, the Executor flexes his industrial might to quell local rebellions. Laperia burns and Kimmel, the charismatic leader of the Children, will stop at nothing until the empire is reduced to flinders.

Which side will you fight for?

About Fractured State

Fractured State is an urban combat Real Time Strategy game depicting the brutal civil war of the nation of Laperia. Players must choose to wield the industrial war machines of the Laperian Imperial Army or the mysterious ancient relics idolized and weaponized by the Children of the Ancients.

Territory Control

Battle maps are split up into territories. Occupy the most structures in a territory in order to keep control of it. Territories provide army-wide bonuses and increase the number of troops you can control. Reinforcements you request arrive via your controlled territories. Controlling territories and denying your enemy a foothold are the keys to victory.

Building Occupation

Buildings represent important strategic points; this is primarily an urban war after all. Some buildings unlock abilities, new units, passive bonuses, or squad refreshes. Storm buildings to uproot and destroy entrenched enemy forces. You have full control of your units whether they are inside or outside.

Weapon Accuracy and Reloading

Your soldiers must keep a mental count of their ammo, or else they could lack it at a crucial moment. No soldier hits his mark 100% of the time, and no weapon is completely accurate. Distance plays a role. Closing down on your target is dangerous but can yield better results.


The most common cause of death for soldiers of the Laperian conflict is exposure. And bullets. And exposure to bullets. Cover makes your units harder to hit. Troops in cover can be dispatched more easily by flanking and rear attacks. Troop placement and cover management are critical to your success.

Blog and Development News

Development Update #14

June 23, 2016

Matt I spent this update period working on getting the Surgeon skill-swapping mechanic working. The idea is that player’s can toggle the Surgeon between two different states – a heal state where he looks for injured squad mates, runs to them, and heals them; and an attack state where he…

Development Update #13

June 8, 2016

Matt I’ve done a whole bunch of posts about navigation and pathfinding. Read the latest one (from 2 1/2 years ago!) here. All of these approaches up to this point assumed that the interior floor of a building was on the same level as the ground it sat on. Then…

Development Update #12

May 17, 2016

Matt I finally finished up the networking overhaul this past week which means that I can move onto implementing new stuff again! I started rigging up the Hospital which involves setting up exterior colliders which are used for outside navigation and also to determine the bounds of the interior navigation…

Development Update #11

May 4, 2016

Todd So I was wrong in my last post. I didn’t show off all the PBR converted assets aside from props. I forgot units…Yea not sure how those slipped my mind as they are integral to the game and whatnot. As a brief reminder as to what things used to…

Development Update #10

April 19, 2016

Matt One of the big advantages of doing this big refactor – despite the enormous amount of work involved – is the value of hindsight and having a large part of the core functionality already in place. This means I can take the time to make improvements to the organization…

Development Update #9

April 6, 2016

Matt The conversion over to UNet (Unity’s new networking architecture) is going surprisingly well. I’m down to 111 compiler warnings about use of deprecated methods. Hurrah! I’ve also taken the opportunity to improve upon how the game did things in the past in terms of sending and processing network messages….



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